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Our practice now offers workshops that address a variety of challenges and topics related to mental health, emotional well-being, and parental support.  Workshops are held regularly for one to one and a half hour sessions, and the number of group members can range from 5 to 9 members depending on the nature of the workshop.  Some workshops are for adults and some are for school-aged children and teens.  

Benefits of Workshops

Workshops can be very beneficial to members. Meeting with others may provide a safe and confidential sounding board for members to share stories, experiences, struggles, successes, and ideas.  They can promote social skills and interaction, particularly for members who may feel isolated and alone by providing an opportunity to meet others with similar issues.  The act of sharing, or even simply listening to others can be very healing and enlightening.


Caregiver Support Group (Adults)

When you have a loved one who is chronically ill or elderly you may be impacted by their struggles, particularly if you are involved with their care and well-being.  Your daily routines, conversations, making plans, going to work, and your own self-care be challenging.  This workshops is designed to support caregivers and those providing support to a loved one who is chronically ill by providing members with a safe place to share stories, increase resilience, and gain effective coping skills.  

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Choices & Healthy Habits:  Effective Decision-Making for Teens (Teens)


Teenagers make thousands of decisions every day and are bombarded with messages from social media, family, friends, TV, and peers.  At times making the right choice that will lead to healthy habits can be difficult.  This workshop is designed to show adolescents how their choices can impact habits and in turn how good habits can help manage stress, be more productive, improve relationships, and keep us healthy. This workshop provides members with an opportunity to share ideas, learn how to make healthy choices, and gain effective coping skills.

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Workhops for Parents

How to Recognize Anxiety and Depression in Your Child:  Signs, Symptoms, and Behaviors

Screetime:  How it Impacts Your Child and How to Set Effective Limits

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