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How Stress Can Impact Your Relationship

Stress is experienced by all of us at varying degrees and at certain times. Stress can be caused my major life events such as loss of a loved one, job loss, relocation, or divorce. It can also be the result of small daily stressors and hassles such as running late to work, car trouble, a home appliance not working, etc. Research has shown that in terms of negative overall impact on one's life, daily stressors rank higher than major life events. The toll of stressos that are experienced daily can negatively impact both our physical and emotional well being. Stress in other areas of your life may spill over into your romantic relationship. How do you know that stress may be a contributing factor behind your relationship problems?

  • You are more irritable than usual and your partner/spouse is the recipient of your anger and frustration. Have you had a bad day at work? Do you come home and let out your frustrations on your partner/spouse and cause conflict?

  • Communication skills suffer and you experience more arguments with your partner/spouse. You may find that your are talking to each other less, and internalize more. Distance may begin to develop between the two of you.

  • You develop a negative view of your relationship. Rather that gaining support from the relationship and viewing it as a positive in your life, it becomes another source of frustration and stress.

  • You begin to feel as your partner/spouse does not support or understand you.

  • Intimacy may decrease as the distance between you and your partner/spouse grows.

These are just a few indicators that stress may be impacting your relationship. Every person and every relationship is different so it is important to address the source of your stress and how to reduce it in order to improve the quality of not only your romantic relationship, but also of your life.


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